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Ramadan and Eid Holiday

In our Islamic world, we celebrate the holy month of Ramadan every year through fasting from dawn to sunset, which approximately lasts for 16 hours a day. Fasting is self-taming through patience of not eating and drinking during the 16 hour fasting period, and also feeling for poor people who cannot afford our daily life as we find in Ramadan a month that bring us back to our human sense of helping poor people.

During the last days of the holy month of Ramadan, people start getting ready to receive Eid Al Fitr Al Mubarak ( a feast that starts right after Ramadan and lasts for 3 days). People prepare by shopping new clothes, gifts and ingredients for cakes and sweets that are going to be offered for friends and relatives when they come over to visit during. Eid Al Fitr comes as a time for the Muslim to be happy about what he/she has achieved during the month of Ramadan.

Also children express their happiness of spending their time during Eid wearing their new clothes and going out to amusement parks in cities to celebrate Eid. Eid al Fitr is a 3 day official holiday that allows people to celebrate and visit each other. Attached are the photos taken by me at a small park in my hometown, the city of Ramadi. We can easily find happy and satisfied children having fun in this park which is considered their main outlet for their leisure time. Despite the fact that we live in an insecure environment, we find the love and hope in our children who find happiness in every simple possibility in order not to miss the happiness of Eid.

Asmaa the hygiene assistant

[Children enjoying the wheel]

[Children picking their favorite car toys]


August 29, 2013 in Iraq |