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PC Class Takes Place at Town on the Sea

"I want to create leaflets for myself to advertise direct selling of sea products." "I'd like to exchange information with those who came to volunteer to help us after the disaster."
In response to residents' requirements as above, JEN has opened "Personal Computer class for the Use of ICT as Reconstruction Support " side by side with Reconstruction University and BHN Association, Specified Nonprofit Corporation Basic Human Needs Association.

【The PC class at Oharahama】

On this day, the PC class at Oharahama gave the fourth lecture on the basics of Word and Excel in a hands-on form.

【"First, I want to make my business card.", as Mr. Takahashi said smiling.】

Mr. Takahashi, a hog raiser, expressed enthusiasm to sell his pork products over the net all by himself, currently he is outsourcing the web selling though. Another person who has been running a restaurant since the disaster looks to print up the menu and poster of his restaurant, the other who runs an aquafarm learns how to manage his business more efficiently using Excel...every student in Oharahama is learning toward their goals at the class.

【He is learning how to use Facebook.】

It's is particularly worth noting that many people at Oharahama are beginning to use social networking services like Facebook to get in touch with volunteers or supporters who came to help them after the disaster. Such connections over the net are keeping their spirits up.

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For any inquiries regarding bank transfers, please contact Tomita or Asakawa in JEN Tokyo Office at 03-5225-9352

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