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Monitoring report of East project

I, Nasuda was posted as Administration & Finance Officer in Sri Lanka from Program Officer at headquarters.

I report an achievement through monitoring.

This is an agro-well built in 2011 at Batticaloa, eastern Sri Lanka.


A new pump was added after the construction!

The well has enabled the resident to expand their farmland themselves and they purchased the pump to expand their land more.
Nowadays, they constructed a tank to keep the water until the water level comes again.


The workshop contents, how to make composts, to promote the efficiency in the cultivation, etc..., have been used.


Keeping accounts have also kept among them.


A cycle introduces new way to increase their income was made by themselves. Their monthly income has grown from 500-2,000 Rs to 5,000-10,000 Rs.
I’m surprised such changes for only 2 years.

Administration & Finance Officer  Tomoo Nasuda


August 8, 2013 in Sri Lanka |