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Middle exam of school and summer holiday in Afghanistan in Center and North

Afghanistan is a mountainous country and has a different clime. All of theMuslim faith are learning essential according Islam. In the central and northern part of the country, normally schools starts in March and ends it in November.
From March to the end of August, the weather gets warmer day by day. For the younger students, including first-to third-grade, hot weather is a serious problem for them.
The students also have a serious examination to go on the next grade, and on the hardest season, they have a serious examination.



This year, exams are in the beginning of Ramadan and the majority students have fasting and they are coming from long distance by walk or bus to the schools for their exam. For students, exams with  Ramadan is a very hard and difficult, but for a Muslim it is a proud moment


When the exam is over, summer holidays will starti in 15  days. This summer holiday is also for teacher, and during holidays teacher have to check all the examination sheets. After that, teachers have to find a number of the competency of each student. When the students pass complete 15 days holiday, all student go back to school, then teacher in the class will  announce the test results for students


Secondly the conditions of schools is such comfortable in most places after the Civil War. A large number of schools were damaged or completely destroyed, now some of the students are studying on the ground without roofs through their exams period.

Administration and financial Manager of JEN Afghanistan
Fahim Ahmad


August 1, 2013 in Afghanistan |