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Mahibs~traditional game during Ramadan~

“Mahibs” is a heritage and popular game played especially in Ramadan, it is very famous Iraqi game depends on the physiognomy.

The word “Mahibs” means the ring. The game is between two teams (each team consists of more than 20 people and each team has a head), one of these teams hides the ring in the hands of one of her/his team members without the aware of another team, and the head of the second team is searching for ring.


There is only one chance to guess who has the ring. If s/he can point out correctly, the team can get the points that have been agreed in advance. Then regardless of right answer or not, the teams change the position of offense and defense and continue playing. The team who gets many points is a winner. The losing team pays the cost of trays of sweets which are distributed to the teams and spectators. The game is on a League form between regions teams. the winning team in the last days of Ramadan gets the grand prize.

There are professional players in this game. They have considerable experience in reading faces and physiognomy so that they can find a ring holder by looking in their eyes or their confusion.
The aim of this game is to strengthen the bonds of friendship and love between the people of the region as well as to meet new friends in other regions.

Thikra Al-Najar (JEN representative in Baghdad)


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