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Interview with JEN’s Driver

Unlike Japanese roads, there are many undeveloped roads in South Sudan. Just being able to drive is not enough; for example, drivers need to know how to get their car out when it’s stuck in mud. In order to get their customers safely to their destination, it’s very important to do regular auto maintenance and constantly pay attention to the political climate in the area.

We interviewed our driver about his thoughts on his job.

Interviewee: Mr. Mike Lubajo


JEN: What is challenging about your job?
Mike Lubajo: I constantly have to be alert when I drive, especially out in the fields, because the road conditions are so bad. Sometimes there is not road, in which case I need to imagine the lanes and drive accordingly. If I don’t pay attention and drive through puddles, I could get stuck in a pothole.

Not all areas are safe. Even if it’s not in an area with a JEN project site, I still get really nervous and upset when I hear about a vehicle getting robbed.  But I am careful and do what is good and right, so I believe God is always watching over us.

JEN: What motivates you?
Lubajo: I am always able to enjoy my job because of the excellent teamwork between my coworkers and I. I see everyone as my family. We have meetings together with other drivers and share problems. We’re all very happy when these problems are resolved.

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August 29, 2013 in South Sudan |