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For the children of Iraq, and for peace in Iraq

Ramadan has ended, and we have celebrated Eid al-Fitr, in other words Feast of Breaking the Fast, on August 10th. Though this is a day of celebrating and uniting all the Muslims in the world, there were a range of bombings and shootings mainly in the capital city Baghdad and its outskirts. According to news sources, this year’s Ramadan faced the worst ever violence in the country since 2008, which claimed more than 1000 people’s lives. In the end of July, there were two attacks on prisons in Iraq, which led to around 500 inmates escaping the compounds. Among them were a couple of senior members of Al Qaeda. Indeed this country is struggling to head toward peace.

Did you know that Iraq had, throughout the seventies and early eighties, one of the best education systems in the Middle East? Our education deteriorated ever since the Gulf War erupted, and due to the everlasting economic sanction and the social confusion caused by the Iraq War in 2003, there were few budget and capacity to be allocated to the education sector. Even up until today, the government is facing difficulty to rehabilitate damaged and destroyed school buildings and provide students with appropriate school environments.

Preparing healthy educational spaces for children who are the ones that can create a society where violence no longer lasts is crucial for Iraq’s future development. That is why JEN’s activities on rehabilitating school facilities and promoting hygiene give hope to Iraqis who seek peace. We are working on rehabilitating the 10th and last school for the current project. This school is called A Intermediate School located in the Babil Governorate, which stands south to Baghdad. We have removed old plasters and partitions of the toilets and installed new water pipes and tanks. Since we’ve already provided training on hygiene education towards teachers, we’re very much excited to see students applying what they’ve learned through the hygiene education with their new toilets, sinks, and other water facilities.

[Students at A Intermediate School]

[Hygiene Promotion Posters on the wall]

[Students learning about hygiene]


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