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Current project in East

I introduce a current project in Batticaloa, eastern Sri Lanka.

The current project has 2 components; constructions of agro-well as water supply for agriculture and workshops for formation of the well management community and empowerment of the community.
The construction is on-going on July.


A heavy construction equipment is used for the excavation work.
Of course, water gushes out during the work is disturbing the excavation. Work has to dig out the water as same as the soil.


Before the excavation, we do geological test to select points to start digging.
But some points don’t go well because big quantity of water comes by a few digs.


And because eastern geology has hard bedrocks, we have to break the rocks.
It takes so many times because one machine repeats the changing of parts, from a shovel to a drill and from drill to shovel.


Mason works start as forming the well after 10m excavation and confirmation of water quantity.


This works such as carrying bricks to the bottom, making cement and building bricks are doing by hand, drawing gushing water.
They work on the a few scaffolds while their foot can’t touch the ground.

Administration & Finance Officer   Tomoo Nasuda

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