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Community role in improving education system/infrastructure

Community is an important stakeholder and can play a pivotal role in improving the standard and quality of education.JEN know the importance of their role and involve them in the process to achieve a sustainable education system in Afghanistan.
The following is a list of ways through which communities can contribute to the education delivery,

• raising money for schools;
• constructing, repairing, and improving school facilities;
• contributing in labor, materials, land, and funds;
• boosting morale of school staff;
• making decisions about school locations and schedules;
• forming School management committees to manage schools;
•attending school meetings to learn about children’s learning progress and classroom behavior;
• garnering more resources and solving problems;
• providing security for teachers by preparing adequate housing for them;
• identifying factors contributing to educational problems.

JEN form SMC (School management Committee) in each school and train them. The main purpose is to involve them in their own problem solving and in the decision making process. SMC consist of village elders, head teacher, influential from the community, CDC member, Mullah etc. SMC also collected funds and repair WASH facilities in the schools. There were a lot of schools with damaged WASH facilities for a long time but when JEN established and mobilize SMC in those schools, they repair it on self help basis.

[Dhano Girls Primary School SMC members in a meeting]

[Community Meeting for establishment of SMC]

Community participation can contribute to education delivery through various channels.
Reporter: Hanief Khan, Programme Assistant at Islamabad office


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