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Safe and comfortable latrines in schools!

Thank you for your cooperation in JEN’s assistant program for school renovation and hygiene promotion activities in Iraq. JEN has assisted a significant number of school children in more than 200 schools in several governorates to ensure safety and healthy learning environment.

B intermediate school for girls, where we introduced on 6 June here, is the one of schools which improved its condition dramatically through JEN’s project.
During the assessment of the school, I saw the girls were going to their houses to use the latrine and other girls, which their houses were far, going near the school fence with a water bottle .It was really a difficult view when we see the girl seeking for place to use it as latrine. The headmaster explained that the school has been suffering from this situation for a long time and she’d asked the DoE to take action but the waiting list was long and the resources were limited.

[Before rehabilitation]

[After rehabilitation]

Therefore, the headmaster didn’t believe at the beginning that we will rehabilitate the school. She was very grateful when she saw that we fixed the electrical network system and fixing of the latrine, in addition making necessary maintenance to the door and roof.

Yasin (chief engineer)


July 18, 2013 in Iraq |