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JEN's support towards Returnees in North – In a view of local staff

Sri Lanka has been called ‘pearl’ of South Asia. Because, location of srilanka in the world economically and strategically very important. Three decades civil war devastated its economics and cohesion of ethnics. Nowadays, little by little Sri Lanka tries to recover its economic stability.

JEN started its activities in southern part of Srilanka during 2005 after affected by Tsunami. During JEN Moved eastern part of Srilanka in 2007, finally JEN expanded its activities 2009 to Northern part of Srilanka it was time the end of three decades civil war n srilanka. JEN provided its emergency assistance in IDPs camps and highly contributed the recovery of returnees during the period of 2010-2012.During the 2013 JEN started its agro based livelihood assistance in the northern returned areas in order to ensure returnees self reliance.

JEN’s current project location is Mullaitive district, Puthukkudiyiruppu Divisional secretariat division Visuvamadu South and East GN divisions.Before thirty years, it was the very famous area for vegetables in Northern srilanka. War destructed not only people’s visible assets but also mental strength of doing agriculture.

JEN has formed small groups in order to work together and it will support them to strengthen their mental power. Further, JEN has been constructing Agro wells in order to ensure uninterrupted water supply in whole year. In addition JEN provides agro tools and equipments to the beneficiaries.   It’s supported them to restart their agri based initiative with confident.

Provision of training on agriculture related new techniques along with practical session supports returnees to increase and reorganize their knowledge and skills related to agriculture. JEN organize workshop on how to increase market links and keep the financial related records properly.

[Preparation for agro well]

[Beneficiaries at Visuvamadu West]

Very obviously, sharing the Agro wells, tools and equipments in the north were not welcomed by Government sector and local CBOs at the starting part of the project. Because, post war situation has created suspicions and disputes among the returnees due to security, economic and cultural reasons which is not uncountable and hard to realize. But, Our North team took it as a challenge to face above mentioned issues and succeeded to mobilize the beneficiaries to share the assistance among the returnees.

JEN’s assistance in North Sri Lanka has been appreciated and indicated as model several times to other Aid agencies. Returnees of North always regard and respect JEN’s assistance.

[Discussuing with benificiaries]

Program officer: Raja Mugunthan

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