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JEN is one of the most active organizations working in Iraq. The people of Iraq have full confidence in Japan for their reputation of diligence, Japanese car with high reputations, high industrial development…, JEN has been highly appreciated at all governorates where we carried out projects.

JEN rehabilitated a large numbers of schools in all six Directorates in Baghdad as well as at several governorates all over Iraq, and received good feedbacks since we have been implementing school rehabilitation projects for its efficient work compared with other organizations, by the reason of appropriate and continuous supervision on every step of work, and for its high-quality work.


The effect of the project has been seen in students’ behaviors when starting the new academic year.  They love their school more, are motivated to keep the facilities clean and are more attentive in their studies according to headmasters of schools.

JEN also conducts hygiene training at school which provides positive impact to increase the students’ hygiene awareness. They learn the first Aid as well as the methods of protecting themselves from infectious disease. Schools also appreciate the cleaning kits and hygiene kits provided by JEN which support students’ hygiene practices and its continuity at school.



After the completion of project, JEN also has an important role in following up the continuation of the improvement of school environments.

JEN implemented rehabilitation work as well as hygiene training and hygiene kits distribution at the Al-Badia school in Baghdad, which we introduced here on the blog on 28 February and 11 April.  JEN will continue to provide follow up assistance for the school for sustainable improvement of the school environment in cooperation with the school.

This project is being executed thanks to the support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, all our members and contributors.

JEN Engineer Hamoody


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