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Interview with Sabza Gul Chikuma Project Beneficiary

A grandmother of this newborn and came from Nijrab district of Kapisa Province ,


She told her story like this two years before my daughter-in-law got some gynecology problem and she was 8 months pregnant and we came to  Charikar provincial hospital ,my daughter-in-law gave delivery in this hospital but our newborn weight was low and there was no facility for low birth weight newborn care ,for this case doctors transferred us to Kabul for newborn care but unfortunately we lost our newborn on the way to Kabul.

Now my daughter-in-law again admitted in Charikar 100beds hospital gynecology ward but in this time she was 40 weeks pregnant. At first I asked from responsible doctor about newborn care therefore I am fearing about my daughter-in-law newborn but the doctors assured me about newborn care services and they told one month before JEN provided to our hospital some medical tools (Warmer machine, Pulse oxy meter and Ultra Violet machine) by Warmer machine we activated a separate room for neonatal care services in gynecology ward by installation of these tools we will never transfer our patients to Kabul hospitals, by hearing of  this sound I  became much happy and appreciated from Japan people specially from JEN .

One week before my grandchild born by caesarean section in this hospital and my grandchild got good neonatal care services and now my grandchild and daughter-in-law are in good health condition.


July 4, 2013 in Afghanistan |