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Health and hygiene walk

JEN has ongoing project in Kurram agency, FATA. In this project, JEN is going to rehabilitate the existing water supply schemes in that area which was destroyed during conflict. Another component of the project is hygiene promotion. Staff visited Village Nijab Kalay, where we conducted a hygiene session to elders and arranged a wash campaign of children for hygiene importance in their daily lives.


We observed that all the children who were suffering because of conflict felt very happy and excited during the campaign and they were carrying the brochures of hygiene in their hands all the time.  They walked in all streets of the village and other children looking at them also joined them. Those children are the one who will convey the message of hygiene in the future. 


Walk of children about hygiene importance in street of village Nijab Kalay attracted the Elders and other children also. The Elders and other stakeholders appreciated the efforts of JEN in health side to improve health condition of the locals. Political Administration of Central Kurram appreciated JEN innovative and scientific approach about hygiene awareness specially arranging a walk (engaging children). This exercise attracted motivated all the people of the area and ongoing school children. 



July 18, 2013 in Pakistan |