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F-1 Reconstruction Gourmet Food Contest held in Oshika Noren Restaurant District

On July 21, F-1 Reconstruction Gourmet Food Contest (delicious, inexpensive, local food competition to promote reconstruction) took place at Oshika Noren Restaurant District in Aukawa on the finger of the Oshika Peninsula, with twelve reconstruction-gourmet-food stalls from Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima standing side by side.

【The contest had a large turnout soon after the opening!】

This contest is about providing restaurant owners from reconstruction restaurant districts in disaster-stricken areas with selling the visitors of the contest reconstruction gourmet foods made of locally grown ingredients and deciding which gourmet food to win the No.1 position.

This year's contest, the third in the series, took place for the first time at Oshika Noren District that JEN has supported in setting up.

【Four food items from Ishinomkki joined the contest. Exquisite ones!】
Four food items from Ishinomaki are pictured clockwise. The first one, upper left, Oshika Moby dog named after Moby-Dick, a type of hotdog made of tatsuta-age (marinated whale meat's deep fry) served in bun.

The second one, Orihama burger from Orihama, Ishinomaki, a type of hamburger filled with delicious oysters.

The third one, Takara-Ika-Meshi, boiled squid stuffed with rice, conger and green soybeans created by JEEN, a team of women from Sasunohama and Hamyu, a restaurant in Sasunohama.

The last one, Ishinomaki-Sanriku-Age, fried octopus-on-a-skewer wrapped with salmon and conger created by Ishinomaki Reconstruction Marche.

Every food is made of Ishinomkai's specialty ingredients, which enhanced the flavor of foods!

【Oshika Noren District's stall was full of stimulating conversation with its visitors.】

【Hamayu's stall was busy and JEEN's Takara-Ika-Meshi was also well received!】

Moby dog and Takara-Ika-Meshi became so received that all of them they prepared for the contest sold out.

【Scores of guests smacked their lips with reconstruction gourmet foods.】

They said some 3,000 visitors, a figure double that of the previous contest, came to the F-1 Contest on this day.

The Grand Prix went to....

....Moby dog from Oshika Noren Restaurant District!

They say Moby dog enjoyed a runaway popularity, with the advantage for the contest to be held at home. That's really something! Mr. Ishinomori, the head of Oshika Noren Restaurant District, expressed his delight by saying "When I was up on the stage and awarded this trophy, I've come near to tears. I'm happy. My heart's too full for words!"

Not only the items of Ishinomaki's restaurants, was every item full of restaurant owners' wish that they would like the visitors to enjoy the taste of their local food. And that made every item taste even better. According to AMDA, the organizer of this contest, next F-1 contest is scheduled to take place in October of this year.

Hoping that every restaurant district uses this opportunity to lift the spirit of its community including Oshika Noren Restaurant District, JEN will continue to support the contest.

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