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Employment in the Republic of South Sudan

In the Juba office, we have begun the hiring process for our upcoming projects.

In the Republic of South Sudan, NGOs requires the approval of the local department of labor whenever it runs recruitment ads. If the labor authority deems the terms of employment to be too strict, NGOs are sometimes required to revise the content of their advertisements.

Once approved, the advertisements for recruitment are placed on a bulletin board of the United Nations and the NGOs wait for applicant CVs. In the meanwhile, they work with the department of labor and the reconstruction agency, and also with the leaders in Yei Country, where JEN is centered in the region, to determine how to proceed with the interviews. After interviews are scheduled, the NGOs then invite the selected applicants and staff of the reconstruction agency and the department of labor and move on to tests and interviews.

By cooperating with governmental agencies, the NGOs are able to proceed with the recruitment in a fair and effective manner. This partnership allows the NGOs to check if the applicants are legal citizens of the Republic of South Sudan by conducting a background check, including personal identification and family background, in order to prevent individuals from neighboring countries from entering and working illegally in Sudan. Sometimes people from other countries come in with forged Republic of South Sudanese IDs, but it is very difficult for non-Sudanese NGO staffs to tell them apart. For this reason, having the governmental agencies’ cooperation is very helpful for us here at JEN.

To proceed with recruitment in the Republic of South Sudan, it is important not only to find competent workers but also to maintain a good balance of tribes and hometowns and also prevent gender discrimination.

The Republic of South Sudan celebrated its second independence day on July 9th, 2013. The  ambitious new JEN staff members are moving forward to help the Republic of South Sudan, the newest country in the world, be a better country.

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