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250 rally for flower movement before Kadonowaki elementary school

Following last week's report let me introduce another example of the "Spreading Flower Garden through Human Connection Movement" which continues spreading very wide.
That movement, starting with JEN's sympathy for students' wish to color streets in Kadonowaki district that have gone gray since the disaster with flowers, is to create flower gardens with the help of many volunteers and citizens. On June 26, 148 second-year junior high school students at Sakushin Gakuin school arrived at Kadonowaki district on a tour of on-site study. It was 107 second-year junior high school students at Kadonowaki junior high school who welcomed them. The students of Sakushin Gakuin school, wanting to be a help to reconstruction if only a little!, came to volunteer for creating flower gardens.

【Students of both schools planted flowers together.】

The students pulled out the weeds. Male students played an active role in carrying soil. About 15,000 of sunflowers, marigold and others have been planted by them. While working together, students from both schools gradually became open up to each other and everybody seemed to be having a good time to chat.

【They work in sight of Kadonowaki elementary school destroyed by fire.】

This flower garden movement originally came from an idea of students at Kadonowaki junior high school that they thought planting flowers around their destroyed school could be a reconstruction support during the integrated study period named "Our program to reconstruct Ishinomaki."
So far their idea had never got off the drawing board because the redevelopment plan of schools in Ishinomaki city had yet to be decided, but recently they were allowed to plant flowers at Kadonowaki elementary school and able to put their idea into practice on that day.
Many flowers of various colors added color to the neighborhood of destroyed Kadonowaki elementary school, forming a flower garden.

【Wonderful singing voice】

After the students got the day's work done, half the tulip bulbs dug up by them were handed from Kadonowaki junior high school to Sakushin Gakuin and they pledged to spread the movement in their own areas. Students from Sakushin Gakuin in return sang "Hana wa saku", a song of reconstruction support, in chorus. Moreover, they came with a banner reads "Generate the buzz of Kadonowaki!" The students' clear singing voice was ringing out, leaving a lasting impression.

【Meet again!】

【Good work today!】

On this day alone, fifteen flower gardens appeared in Kadonowaki district. Given an appreciation from a resident saying "How kind of you to make beautiful flower gardens!", that made me feel that the movement is beginning to make difference to connection among people. JEN will continue working on making flower gardens to connect people along with students and local people.

【JEN is now accepting donations for the reconstruction of Tohoku. Your help would be very much appreciated.

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