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Qualifying for the World Cup in Brazil 2014

During the past period held the final qualifiers for the World Cup in Brazil 2014 of Asia… Where the second group included (Japan, Australia, Jordan and Iraq), Japan has qualified as the first and Australia the second of this group.

Japan is qualified as a result of good planning for the development of football since the eighties, through their dependence on Youth and preparing them in football schools, as well as gain experience from the most advanced teams, Where we note that Japan is not absent from the last four finals World Cup .

On the other hand we note that Iraq did not play on his land and in front of audience since the eighties as a result of the wars and the deteriorating security situation, as well as the lack of good planning for the development of football by the Iraqi Union of Football … and not to dependence on people with good efficiency in this area, these things and other led to a decline in the level of the Iraqi team and do not qualify for the finals of World Cup, this caused great sadness for the Iraqi people.

We congratulate Japan's qualification with wishes for success in the World Cup.

We hope that the Iraqi officials study the cause of the failure of the Iraqi team and begin to overcome the mistakes.

Bassim Yousif


June 27, 2013 in Iraq |