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New storage facility for JEN Haiti

When the decision of regrouping all JEN Haiti offices in Leogane had been taken concerns for storage became a real issue as if the new selected office was ideally located it didn’t have any garage or safe storage facility.
The main reason for regrouping the offices being the security situation in Grand Goave, the storage issue was postponed.

It actually wasn’t postponed long as one week after being installed in Leogane JEN did receive a RubHall from INGO Handicap International as a donation.

Not being actually from the famous brand RubHall the tent received has all its characteristics though: very big (24 meters long for 10 wide!), resistant and water proof!
Preparation of the ground, cutting any branches in the 2 big mango trees, finding the company able to dismantle and reassemble the tent and then insulate the tent from potential floods required of course quite a lot of time and energy (and a bit of money!) but at the end the investment is worth it!
Closing its activities in Haiti, Handicap International also had some wash items to be donated so JEN Haiti took the opportunity to also make a stock of diverse items such as soap, buckets, jerry cans or chlorine tablets.

Divided in 2 the new storage facility has so now a double function: being on one side used as storage facility for the construction team and as preposition of wash items as part of hurricane season contingency plan on the other side!
With 1500 jerry cans, 8500 anti-bacteriologic soap or 230,000 chlorine tablets available JEN Haiti would be able for the first time in 4 rainy seasons to respond immediately in case of major hurricane and/or severe cholera crisis, which is a high probability in Leogane district and in Haiti generally during the rainy season.

As a matter of fact a small quantity of items have already been distributed these days in Cabaret, a small village on the edge of the mountain where most people do use the water from the river and where a dozens of people had been victims of severe diarrhoea lately.

[It took only half a day for the 13 men of the specialized company to reassemble the tent!]


[Quite over dimensioned for now, the tent will allow easy storage if larger project in the future.]


June 27, 2013 in Haiti |