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New staff member joins JEN Ishinomaki office

JEN Ishinomaki Office brought in a new staff member on May 24! He is going to take charge primarily of recruiting and sending volunteers. He is Mr. Kondo. He, born in Heisei Period (1989- ), is the youngest staff member in JEN Ishinomaki.


"Hi to all. I've joined the staff of JEN Ishinomaki office. My name is Shotaro Kondo. I do hope to challenge to help my hometown in its efforts toward reconstruction; work on many reconstruction assistance programs. JEN has years of experience in conducting assistance activities. So I think JEN can provide opportunities for me to meet those challenges. Well, I'm still new, so I've got to settle into new jobs at first. I'll start with fulfillment of my assignments and responsibilities; continue with generation of my own ideas, then implementation of them."


【JEN's team of recruiting and sending volunteers Mr. Kondo is pictured at the middle in the photo.】

【On July 1, volunteers did yard work at a flowerbed near Kadowaki Elementary school.】

JEN's activity to recruit and send volunteers aims at helping rebuild a new town through bringing together those who need help from volunteers and volunteers from both inside and outside afflicted areas who hope to do all what they can do for Tohoku's

It's planed that volunteers along with second graders of Kadowaki junior high school will work on creating flower garden and planting flowers on Saturday 26th of June, where yard work was done on July 1. JEN is recruiting volunteers to help with work of the day. For more information on the application procedures, click
here In addition), JEN's plan for assistance program consists of sending volunteers to support the recovery of fishery industries, cleaning up the shore of Amijishima and so on. All of JEN staff members hope that you are involved in our programs!


【JEN is now accepting donations for the reconstruction of Tohoku. Your help would be very much appreciated. DONATE HERE

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