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[New content in the Newsletter] Correspondence between Keiko Kiyama and

Dear Keiko-san,

How are you doing?

Five months have passed since Keiko-san visited Goman Village in the mountain to make an inspection in January.

On May 12, a general assembly has been organized that all the households participated in and two important decisions have been taken.
The first one is to cooperate together to save water.
It seems that the local residents will be suffered from lack of water before the full-scale rainy season, it was decided to save water for the purposes such as washing in order to secure drinking water.
And the second one is to keep collecting the water management fee from each household.
Up until now, it has been collected from each family. Since there are a lot of elderly people and orphans in this village, some families are unable to pay it.

However, it is possible for Goman WMC to collect the water management fee from 90 % of the local residents.
It is because that the local residents have a firm understanding of the meaning and necessity of the correct hygiene knowledge.
And it is because that, every day, hygiene promoters are calling for the improvement of hygienic habits and the prevention of infectious disease caused by water.
I strongly realize that hygiene promoters and WMC are actively participated in the daily improvement of the lives of local residents in Goman.

Romain Briey (Haiti Office)

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