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Mullahs Hygiene Education Training in 2012 Follow up Report

In 2012 JEN implemented hygiene education training program funded by JPF to Mullahs and trained 348 mullahs in Bagram ,  Jabul Siraj , Shinwari and Siagard districts in July in Parwan Provice. The goal of this training was to transfer hygiene education messages to mullahs and  through them to their followers and community people to increase their awareness level regarding hygiene education , we received this report from Parwan DoR(Department of Religion) directorate about the above mentioned districts training program effects and added that  now it became the habits of mullahs to talk about the importance of hygiene education and effects of it on daily lives for 5minutes in Friday speech.



According to DoR, the community people knowledge regarding hygiene education were much improved and they were using these significant messages in their daily lives and their concept were outstanding regarding hygiene, now the community people much pay attention to their personal and environmental hygiene therefore the evidence of diarrheal disease , water born disease , skin disease and others much decreased.

DoR directorate is pleasure to cooperate on implementation of such program and happy to conduct 5 to 6 months monitoring by themselves during the project and sure will continue the concept of the program for long term in the areas.

DoR directorate was much thankful and appreciated from JEN regarding this useful program which they implemented and they requested if JEN continue this useful training program in remaining districts it will be better and have much and much positive effects on community people attitudes and behaviors and also the evidence of disease which are controllable by following of Hygiene Education messages will be unbelievable decrease.
JEN will continue this Hygiene Education to Mullahs in the remaining areas in Parwan Province.


Reporter: Mirwais Omerzoi,  Senior Field Officer


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