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South Waziristan Agency (SWA) constitutes 3 subdivision- (a) Ladha (b)  Serwokai  (C) WANA. The conflict areas are Sub division ladha and Sub division Serwokai. The WANA is safe/non conflict and non affected area. Tehsil Shakai is part of WANA sub division.

Due to conflict 2008-09 the whole population of Sub division Ladha and Serwokai migrated to the different parts of the country, Majority to D.I.Khan, Tank, Karachi, North Waziristan agency and Sub division WANA of SWA.

Mr. Din Bobrai is resident of village baddar , tehsil tiarza, south Waziristan agency. He was daily wage labour by profession. He has 4 daughters and 5 sons. The elder son is 15 years old and working as conductor in Karachi. Their total monthly income was approximately Rs 10,000 (i.e 5000 PKR was his son’s monthly salary and remaining from daily wages work). 

Due to the conflict he and his family first migrated on foot to Tehsil Shakai of south Waziristan agency,  It took one day and one night to reach Shakai.  He and his family were living in tent for the last 5 years and was working as labour over there.

The overall situations become worst after the death of a Wazir tribal commander of militants group in December 2012. The new conflict started a new influx and round about 5,000 families migrated from sub division WANA to District D.I.Khan , Tank and Karachi.
Mr. Din Bobrai was one of them who migrated to the village Lang Basti Kacha of Union council Miran, Tehsil Prova. Currently he placed a tent in a tented village near his relatives. He is getting food from WFP and deprived from relief from other humanitarian organizations.

According to him “I lost all my assets in conflict at origin, in a sense me and my family is permanently destroyed. It is impossible for me to recover my assets even for my 2, 3 generations. It is better to live as refugee despite of return to my origin”

He also expressed that “me and my son are only supporter of my whole family, my sister is also living with me after his husband’s death, she is blind and I bear all her medical charges”.

During interview he asked that the newly influx IDPs are very tense/double minded because they migrate from one place to another place like nomads because of un-availability of shelter, income and other basic facilities.

A lot of newly migrated and deprived IDPs waiting for assistance from humanitarian organizations and government institutions.


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