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Latrine construction in Juba County

Latrine construction, one of the activities of “School and community water sanitary improvementproject of Central Equatoria” with the cooperation of supporters and Japan Platform has been completed.

JEN constructed 80 children’s latrines in 13 primary schools in Juba County.
The structure of the latrines is approved by the Education Ministry in South Sudan. The number of latrines for one school is decided by the number of students. One latrine for every 50 boy students and every 30 girl students were constructed.


To construct latrines successfully, there were a lot of steps and sometimes we faced problems. Starting with the selection of constructors by bidding and checking the soil, setting the plan with constructors, checking the progress going smoothly as planned and rescheduling the plan if there are any changes to the progress.


JEN not only constructed latrines but also established water latrine management committees and held workshops for residents o  the significance of the committee and maintenance management in order to maintain the latrines sustainably on their own.

Finally, at the end of May, the latrines were completed. There was a final check by JEN engineers and the Education Ministry engineers and confirmed that the construction was completed successfully and acknowledged the completion of the construction by the Education Ministry. With the beginning of the school year, latrines are all set for children to use.


June 13, 2013 in South Sudan |