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JEN's support towards Returnees in East – In a view of local staff

In Sri Lanka, the NGO confined to the Nation of Japan in Sri Lanka is only a few comparing to the other Nation. But the contribution for the development in Sri Lanka by the Japanese is comparatively higher.  The one of the NGO in this category is JEN, and it is in the leading list of assisting the island in several projects for the development of the disaster affected people.

It must be said that the JEN came to Batticaloa district in the Eastern part of SL in order to give assistance to the people who were badly affected due to recurrent violence’s and destruction for 3 decades war which came to an end finally in 2009.  However the affected people, who were displaced during the time of war and resettled gradually since 2006, were given the necessary assistance by way of providing livelihood assistance for fishing folks and farmers (agriculture production).  Being the loss of agriculture producers was so massive, that JEN compelled to continue its assistance still now.  Up to now, 100 Agro wells (depth 25 to 30feet-width10feet each) has been constructed in Batticaloa District. The direct beneficiaries are 800 households.  The indirect beneficiaries are about 6000 persons.  The beneficiaries when returned, they depended on WFP for their survival, but now they are able to earn their livelihood by themselves after 5 years.  They are doing cultivation, fishing and other jobs on their own to earn for leading a sustainable livelihood.

These people were forced to be away from their native places abandoning their house and properties moving place to place during the period of crisis which lead them to lose their normal cultural activities like attending Temple, Churches, Ceremonies or festival etc. for they being living under stress and strain.  Subsequently intervention of JEN with the affected lot, the people was induced to cultivate positive thinking with confidence to recoup their former state of life through proper counseling.  They now value the team work with participatory process for their progress and emancipated to attend freely in cultural activities with good moral changes.

JEN Batticaloa Office Project Officer G.David

June 27, 2013 in Sri Lanka |