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Cover distress areas by flowers!: Volunteers plant flowers, dig up tulip bulbs

On June 9, volunteers worked on plowing out 13,000 bulbs of tulips and planting new flower sets at Kamikama Fureai Park.

【Marigold and moss pink have been planted.】

Bulbs plowed out are kept carefully in a safe place until next planting in fall.
Besides, people in the same town who joined the volunteer work have willingly accepted to bring back some of the bulbs back to their home and plant them in a good light. We look forward to seeing tulip bulbs formed in the park flowering in many areas of the town next spring. The park was crowded with about fifty volunteers who joined the work, including leaders of the town's association, townspeople and people from outside the town.

Although that was a demanding task in the strong sunshine, one of the volunteers from outside Ishinomaki said to us "I could have an opportunity to work with people in Ishinomaki while hearing their stories and got exercise, so I had a great holiday."
Thanks to the support of "Hana Hana Midori Foundation" (a foundation set up by donations from people who agreed to deliver flower to disaster-stricken Tohoku and run by FELISSIMO's Fund Executive Office), the sets of marigold and moss pink were provided for the park.

JEN works on support programs to encourage community activities, promote restoration of firm lands and so on. In so doing, JEN continues implementing support programs such that many people can associate with others and join together in recovering disaster-stricken areas.

It's also worth noting that JEN asks for volunteers to clean up a beach with islanders in Amijishima Island on July 6th and the 7th, which island is home to 400 people. For details, click here
We hope that you will be joining us.

【JEN is now accepting donations for the reconstruction of Tohoku. Your help would be very much appreciated. DONATE HERE

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