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Sasunohama's seaside diner "Hamayu" adding many more new items

Okasan, middle-aged women who run a seaside diner Hamayuu on the Sasunohama beach, are creating and adding many more new dishes to its menu. Opening hours have been extended as follows: Tue-Sun 11.30AM-2.00PM Mon Closed. For details on past activities related to Hamayu, click here.

【Today's special includes fried conger with salad, rice, miso soup, pickles and so on. Perfect amount and flavor 】

Today's special features very fresh conger landed at a nearby fishery harbor, Mnagokuura.

【Noodles are also on the menu. Cold soba with grated yam on top.】

【The diner is busy with customers who work on disaster restoring operations and visitors from other prefectures.】

Its menu includes daily lunch special, bowl of rice topped with fried seasonal conger, dishes with end-of-season oyster; noodles such as cold karamiso ramen, yaki soba; rice with crab meat, bowl of rice with fried prawn, mountain vegetables cooked in tempura and so on. Not only that, say they that they are going to add dishes using gradients which are coming into season from now to summer this year such as cuttlefish, mantis shrimp and so on.

◆Sasunohama's seaside diner "Hamayu":
-The address for Hamayu is; Sasunohama, Tonami, Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi-ken 986-2135.

-How to find us; drive your car toward Tonami on Route 398, make a right turn at the Mangokuura intersection and drive into Route2, cross the Mangokuhara bridge, make a right turn at next traffic light heading for Sant Juan Park, and drive ahead about 500 meters after going through a tunnel; You can take a labarum on the left as the landmark of Hamayu; It takes about 25 minutes by car from Ishinomaki station.

-The store hours are Saturday-Sunday 0 p.m.-2 p.m.

-Please contact Mr. Hosokawa (the head of Executive Committee for Oyster Grill) at 090-8256-1376.

In Sasunohama, many evacuees are forced to live in temporary housing yet. Hamayu functions as not only an eating facility but a hub of intra-and-inter-regional exchanges. Revenue generated by its meal service is used to maintain its own facilities. A major accommodation, Sant Juan Village, did have its grand opening on April 27, so we invite you to take this opportunity to visit Sasunohama. Fresh seafood and smile on everybody's face in Sasunohama await you.


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