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RICOH new hires working on social action program in Minamisarikucho

RIHOH has sent its new recruits to engage in a social program as part of its employee training. The season for harvesting wakame seaweed and mekabu( the root of wakame) is here in fishery villages within the Sanriku area including Minamisannrikuchou. New recruits helped fishermen in shipping wakame and mekabu at ten fishery villages.

【New recruits are cutting off mekabu from wakame together with fishermen.】

They deepened the relationship with local residents in the fishery villages, through helping them out, learning firsthand what's going on in disaster-stricken areas. Not only that, returning their lodging from daytime activities, they listened to a storyteller telling them his/her personal experiences of the tsunami disaster or they, broken into separate groups, shared what everyone had realized and learned with the others within each group so that they might be able to improve their understanding,

【A photo showing how new recruits are receiving training.】

JEN has been accepting trainee employees from companies as volunteers to get them participated in JEN's programs, which promote personal exchanges between volunteers and residents in disaster stricken areas and help disaster survivors make a living. In this latest program, a total of 214 new recruits from RICOH, divided into two groups, have worked on the program for four days. It's hoped that a growing number of young people visit the disaster stricken areas and are concerned about the future of those areas even after they get home.

【JEN is now accepting donations for the reconstruction of Tohoku. Your help would be very much appreciated.

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