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Mental health issues in shelters: JEN's efforts to heal scars of evacuees by seeking space for relaxation

In this report, one of JEN's latest activities is introduced that provide psychological care for evacuees in temporary housing.
JEN continues addressing mental health issues in temporary housing complex with help from a support organization, Recovery for Japan, or RFG. RFG is a group with varied experts such as clinical psychotherapists, body organizers and nursing assistants, and has been involved in implementing care from technical perspective in disaster-stricken areas right after the disaster.

【A picture of Cafe of Relaxation 】

Our primary psychological cares are giving massage and lending an ear to evacuees as well as providing places for relaxation in a variety of ways. In the latest activity, JEN's staff member together with evacuees in temporary housing made snacks using locally grown fresh ingredient and sang to the piano accompaniment. The makeup of people who assemble in the Cafe of Relaxation is different---sometimes more elderly people and less children and other times otherwise---depending on the day of the week or the place where it is held. In every activity, JEN, making all kinds of efforts flexibly, focuses on creating and providing an atmosphere where people can do feel relaxed and refreshed.
For example, upon picking up information about what problems evacuees have at temporary housing complex's assembly room, JEN's staff members follow up on them such as visiting elderly people who have tendency to stay indoors or offering advice to mothers who are overwhelmed by responsibility of raising child.

【Women enjoy a tapping massage one at a time.】

As many as 15,950 people of 6,995 families still live in temporary housing in the city of Ishinomaki (as of May 2013). Evacuees' issues vary family to family or according to which temporary housing complex they live; some families steadily make strides toward rebuilding their lives while others need particular, continued support because they have individual problems such as the isolation of elderly people within families, children's stress disorder and so on. JEN is committed to providing mental health care for evacuees living in temporary housing. Your continued support will be greatly appreciated.

【JEN is now accepting donations for the reconstruction of Tohoku.
Your help would be very much appreciated.

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