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Kamikama Fureai Park with 13,000 bulbs of tulips blossoming gloriously

【Marvelous 13,000 bulbs of flowering tulips】
The tulips in Kamikam Fueai Park in Ishinomaki that were planted last October are now at their peak. Now being the best time to view, Kamikama's neighborhood association was motivated not to lose an excellent opportunity for a hanami (flower-viewing) party and so it was held on April 28. (A photo of last year's planting)

【Hanami potluck party of Kamikama neighborhood association】

Many people turned out and engaged in animated conversation, enjoying marvelously blooming tulips. These days, when you talk with local people, you can hear them say "'I feel lonely to see our town without attractive color.' 'We have lost the sense of seasons recently.'" Planting and cultivating flowers in public places will not only bring about a direct effect to add color to people's lifestyles in towns but lead to the revitalization of local communities like this hanami party. JEN continues encouraging people in afflicted areas in creating better communities by themselves and continues assisting community activities.

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