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Japan Platform (JPF) Visits Ngangala Elementary School

The project that started with the help of JPF and all of our supporters will be finally coming to end this May. The JPF Monitoring Team made a trip out to the project site on April 22nd through the 23rd.

On April 22nd, the Team visited Ngangala Elementary School, located about two hours from Juba by car.


First the team started with a puppet show on health education. Unfortunately, the school was temporarily closed due to rain, but when the announcement of the puppet show was made throughout the village, it stopped raining and a crowd, both children and adults, gathered. The children were even changed into their proper school uniforms!


When the puppet show started, everyone was captivated.



There were five main characters in the show.


Backstage, the JEN staff worked hard to make the show a success!


The puppet shows are not only for entertainment, but also a part of the health education component of the project. After the show, we asked the audience to share their thoughts on the puppet show.


After the puppet show, the JPF staff listened to the locals talk about JEN’s projects. They told us that after the puppet show, many of the children went back home saying “Please build toilets for our family too!"


After talking about JEN’s projects, other members of the community who had received training to maintain wells shared how they have been working to maintain the local wells.


Just a bit more work until these toilets are ready to use.


The JPF Monitoring Team visited Morobo County on April 23rd and 24th, making a 14-hour trip on rough roads to oversee the project. We would like to thank them for their visit and efforts.

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May 16, 2013 in South Sudan |