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Governorate Council Elections in Iraq

Governorate or provincial elections of Iraq were held on April 20, 2013, to replace the local councils in the governorates of Iraq that were elected in the Iraqi governorate elections of 2009 .

In addition to 3 governorates forming the Kurdistan Region planning to conduct  election separately, governorates of Al- Anbar, Ninewa and Kirkuk postponed the elections until June due to security reason, so that this elections were taken place in 12 of 18 governorates,

The campaign has been started sine more than 45 days, involving 8100 candidates, the participant in the elections from 265 political entities and 50 coalitions, and distributed leaflets at the intersection of streets and crowded places, and paste the logos and images coalitions and personalities, and included a lot of banners electoral phrases refer to the situation changed service and repair the political situation, while candidates appealed in a street speech through tours of neighborhoods.

The Board of Commission appointed teams to monitor the election campaign and its conformity with the controls, and to impose financial penalties on violators.
Most Iraqi’s people were exposed to exerting of pressure in their daily life through the election. Most of us suffer from crowded streets as many security checkpoints were placed all over Baghdad governorate, that’s mean when you need to transport about 10 km from place to place in Baghdad you may need more than one and half hour to reach your location. However, a series of deadly coordinate attacks across Iraq on Monday April15, 2013 killed at least 50 people and wounded nearly 300.

In that kind of situation though, voter participation in the election was 50 percent of eligible voters, and officials said including results from a special vote a week earlier for members of the armed forces, total participation would be more than 51 percent.
We saw the time changes in the political map of the local governments, most notably the rise of “coalition of law state” lead by Mr.Maliki in seven provinces.

<Voting for security and military forces has been conducted on April 13, 2013>


By Yasin  / Hamoody (Engineer)

May 9, 2013 in Iraq |