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Event "Making handcrafting into jobs; Handicrafts market, Hands-on exhibit in Ishinomaki" very well attended

On May 4, an event was put that aimed at giving a leg up to women who make handicrafts in Ishinomaki. The event was thronged with many people immediately after it opened. Such was the variety of goods on display at the booths of eleven handicraft organizations including cute, pretty jewelry and accessories that it was uneasy for visitors to decide which to choose.

【The event attracted about 200 visitors from within and without Ishinomaki.】

Those who opened up booths, spoken to by visitors like "So many nice goods really supply the eye-candy!", looked happy receiving visitors. It could be seen here and there that the booth keepers, asked how to make their products, tell not only visitors but other stall keepers about their products.

【With smiles on faces, stall keepers had guests.】

The event featured hands-on crafting experience. Visitors were able to have opportunities to experience "weaving", "crafting clam shell jewelries" and "making Hawaiian jewelries" with help from three booth keepers.

【Visitors made coasters at hands-on weaving experience.】

The hands-on crafting experience is all about getting visitors motivated to craft goods for themselves in the hope that they can have not only fun in their lives through association with others, but an opportunity to take part in the handicraft organizations as partners. As a result, among the participants in AMIS workshop's hands-on weaving experience, several people have decided to join in AMIS's future activities. It was really great that this event was able to help create new relationship between local people.

【Children were excited at a booth for kids.】

Children were trying out "making their own bags" using fabric crayons at the booth for kids. Nice bags were created one after another. Much to the delight of the organizer of this event, many visitors called the organizer and said to the organizer that they'd like to sell goods that they crafted during the event.
The event was able to achieve a great deal of success in helping women who do handicrafts create earnings and gain access to markets as well as in offering a platform to exchange information. The organizer is thinking of expanding people-to-people exchange much broader at next event. The next event is expected to take place somewhere around October this year. JEN will continue supporting women in Ishinomaki. Should you be interested, please contact JEN Ishinomaki office.

【JEN is now accepting donations for the reconstruction of Tohoku.
Your help would be very much appreciated.

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