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Evacuees learn hula

For two days from May 25, evacuees living in temporary housing complex had an opportunity to attend a hula dance class opened at meeting halls inside the temporary housing complex of Sandanbashiri-daiichi and Otsupagawa-kasen. Among the oldest in the sixteen evacuees came to the class taken place in Otsupagawa-kasen temporary complex was a 92-year-old woman. Even the elderly whose hips and legs make it harder for them to move around challenged to dance the hula, for it's possible for them to do the hula with their hands waving in the chair.
With hair accessories and hula skirt on, they seemed to feel like they were in Hawaii.

【Motion of hands represents waves.】
Every motion of hula has its own meaning associated love and Hawaiian sea and nature. Hula's dance-movements being performed slowly, it's not simple as it seems and so they struggled to follow the lessons at first.

【They are getting quite good inch by inch.】
Seven instructors who are with MITSUI & CO., LTD came from Tokyo.
Taking advantage of their skills, they have volunteered to help JEN work on community assistance since last May and this was the third visit for them to instruct evacuees in dancing the hula. Some evacuees were sweating from dancing and others were dancing with a smile learning how to wave hands or make steps from the instructors one-by-one.

【They make sure how to step.】

When the movement of their feet is joined together with that of their hands, that makes them look doing the hula.
Even first-time participants learned to dance to music through at the end of the class, thanks to careful and friendly instructions.

【They take a photo in aloha pose, Hawaiians'' hello.】

After the class, they looked feeling fulfilled.
Feeling fulfilled after the class, the elderly who had had few chances to exercise requested JEN saying "I real enjoyed getting exercise after quite an absence. Come back soon." JEN will continue to work on community assistance like this. Your support would be very much appreciated.

【JEN is now accepting donations for the reconstruction of Tohoku. Your help would be very much appreciated.

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