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World Health Day

As an invitation of the MOE, we attended the celebration of the General Directorate of Physical Education/ Directorate of Environmental Education and school health for Annual festival on the level of Iraq on the occasion of World Health Day in Al- Najaf governorate from 8-11/4/2013. The theme for World Health Day 2013 is controlling high blood pressure, a condition which affects more than one in three adults worldwide and it is widespread in Iraq for different age groups. According to the announcement of World Health Organization that 50% of deaths caused by high blood pressure and there are four million infected with the disease in Iraq. The organization called Iraqis to improve their diet to prevent and control of high blood pressure, as a means of reducing the number of people affected.

[This photo about healthy food and its influence on human's body]

The General Directorates for Education presented their activities throughout the festival as well as sketches and an exhibition of drawings by students about hygiene and health and preservation of the environment.

[This photo about a play by the students of Baghdad/Risafa 3 DOE … named “The enemy friend”( which means the food salt)]

[This photo about a play by Ninewa DOE named (Charged in our house) “ trial for blood pressure”]

Dr. T praised a role of JEN for raising awareness among pupils about the importance of hygiene and attention to health in his speech at the opening of the festival.

[JEN stuffs with some responsible employees from DOEs of Diala, Kirkuk and Babil  of environmental education  and health school]

Bassim Yousef Jacob
(Program officer)

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