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Telecommunication System in Sri Lanka

“Phones cannot be reached due to heavy rain”
“We can’t answer emails as there is no internet connection due to heavy rain."

This is a true conversation that happens in Sri Lanka...at least in our JEN office. These are actual messages we Colombo office received from our offices in Vavuniya (Northern area) and Batticaloa (Eastern area). "Not again..." We often get disappointed as it happens so often during the rainy season.

At Colombo office, telecommunication network works relatively well, and I don’t recall any telephone network trouble, however, many times due to heavy rain, Internet and TV network get cut off.


“Heavy rain” in Sri Lanka is much lighter than typhoons in Japan. I realize how telecommunication system in Japan is well developped as we can watch live reporting of typhoon on TV.

As I’m writing this blog, here comes another heavy rain with thunder! There might be a blackout as it gets stronger, so I will call it a day now.

April 18, 2013 in Sri Lanka |