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Surkh Parsa district targeted schools SMCs Tripartite agreement with JEN

As JEN engineering team decided have mission to Surkh Parsa district for mobilization and to Share list of construction projects with District governor and DoE officer.

During our visit with DoE representative for tripartite signing they had warm welcome to us and were very happy to have JEN’s construction projects beside Hygiene education in Surkh Parsa district, they really promised us for good cooperation and coordination with JEN and call to JEN that don’t be hesitate for any kind of cooperation from their side.
We have sign tripartite with targeted school’s SMCs, we had explained JEN vision, mission and goals of JEN and they had long discussion and information sharing with JEN team and said that we have lots of school construction problems and suggested JEN to provide assistance in this regards.

They had suggestion to hire community residents as labors in JEN’s construction projects, because they are vulnerable and don’t have any other source of income, JEN team said that we discussed with construction companies to hire community residents as skill and unskilled labors to have capacity building and community contribution.
JEN team emphasized and said clearly in every SMC meeting that the land which you are provide for school building construction the location must not have conflict on land and when we completed the school building construction and handover projects  to DoE after six month warranty SMC is responsible  for operation and maintenance of the construction projects .
All of them appreciated JEN WASH, Non WASH and HE program in Surkh Parsa and promised that they will help and assist JEN in the term of construction activities.

【JEN team members during SMC meeting for tripartite agreement in Surkh Parsa district.】

【 SMC meeting with JEN staff for tripartite agreement in Surkh Parsa district.】

【 SMC meeting with JEN staff for Construction Company introduction and tripartite agreement in Surkh Parsa district.】

【 JEN staff while having meeting with SMC for Construction Company introduction and Tripartite.】

Eng. Shir Ali Chief Engineer / JEN-Afg

April 11, 2013 in Afghanistan |