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Supporting Each Other Every Day

During the latest months, I have been supervising some projects as the only Japanese staff stationed in Sri Lanka.

I started to take part in project management besides the general affairs and accounting which I had already been doing. There are a lot of things that I do not know or understand clearly, so every day I learn different things from the local staff.
The tasks are new and am eager to learn, but as a result, of course my workload has doubled.

However, as I go on living such busy days, I can notice more than usual that the people around me support me tremendously.
For example, one of my friends contacted me, “You sounded sick when we talked on the phone yesterday. I can take you to the hospital because I am off work today.”
Another friend offered me, “Don’t worry, I will introduce you an expert in my office,” when I had some trouble on my management of the project.
My parents said to me, “Today we sent you some Japanese food. Please enjoy it until you come back to Japan next time.” Trying to hide their anxiety for me, they cheer me up.
The staff of the main office told me, “The new project got good remarks and many 'like's', not only on the webpage but on facebook as well!”
I am very encouraged by everyone.

One instance that made me happiest was an e-mail one local staff sent another local staff. I would like to keep the details  to myself, but that was when I felt that staff grow and develop by watching how their senior staff work.
I want to grow with them and aim to make our projects much better.

April 4, 2013 in Sri Lanka |