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Life from the Nile

The Nile running through South Sudan is approximately 6650km in length, making it one of the longest river in the world.

For a country whose infrastructure is still underdeveloped, the Nile is not only their water source but also one of their transportation means.

The river is also a source of refreshment and relaxation for us, with its beauty of mother nature.

People going down the river. There are people carrying large amounts of mangos crossing from the other side of the river.



Fruits grow along the river. April is the mango season and the riverside is filled with the fruits. Sometimes you can see guava trees too. The fresh fruits are very flavorful and pease people’s appetite.




Just outside the center of Juba, you can start seeing wild life. You can see beautiful birds and even alligators.



Even at JEN’s office in Juba, we used to add chlorine tablets in the water of the Nile to use as daily water. The water is clear during the dry seasons, but during the rainy seasons the water becomes turbid and is troublesome. Light colored clothes become brownish every time you wash. (Recently at last, purified water is becoming available so laundry is improving but it is still inconvenient compared to Japan)

By spending such days, we realize and learn a lot of things from the Nile. You really appreciate having clean water and well-constructed roads, things you take for granted in Japan. Appreciating life from the beautiful land, I want to continue our activities cherishing each and every day.



April 4, 2013 in South Sudan |