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Greek pianist Panos Karan visits Ishinomaki

Panos Kanon has joined with JEN in implementing assistance activities in Tohoku since the disaster.
On March 25 this year, he arrived in Ishinomaki and left the next day. It was his fourth visit to Ishinomaki on his music outreach tour in Japan.

【Panos Karan is pictured right. His friend, flutist Zach Tarpagos, also participated in his tour this time.】

He expressed his thoughts as "I'd like to let survivors know that the world will not forget Tohoku." During his two-day concert tour at five places including temporary housing and local community places, he fascinated his audience with a gentle, soothing melody yet with great verve,

【Ladies respond to Panon Kanran's excellent performance with a smile.】

As was an expression of welcome to his concert held at Ogihama Elementary school of five pupils in the Oshika Peninsula, the moment he entered the school building, the curtain went up and all of the pupils surprised him with their powerful rolling of taiko---Japanese drum. 
Mr. Panos Karan got such a pleasant surprise that he gave an involuntary cry "Sugoi!! ( 'Great playing' in Japanese)."

【Exciting rolling of taiko can be heard!】

His concerts drew many community people, who enjoyed not only his playing but fooling or sharing a laugh with him after the concert,

【The audience at N's-SQUARE(Kanomata, Ishinomaki city) enjoyed a performance in a relaxed environment.】

Everybody who listened to his performance expressed their hearty thanks to him. A participants said to him "'I've been feeling depressed but your music has relieved my worries.', 'I was really touched by your music. Thank you for playing.'"
That two-day concert tour gave us a new appreciation for the power of music.
At the end of the tour, Panos Karan described his feelings as "I've got to love Tohoku. I'll have to make hundreds of visits in the future."
JEN is committed to continuing its efforts to restore peace of mind to disaster victims.

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