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Distribution of Shelter Repair Kits to the Returnees of Central Kurram Agency (FATA)

Military operation against the militants in Central Kurram Agency initiated in 2009 which resulted in massive internal displacement. According to authorities it was the largest ever conflict in the valley that caused such a huge displacement of people. Independent sources claim that more than 1 million people were displaced. Most of the IDPs were provided accommodation by the host community in several districts of the KP and Punjab province. Lots of the sufferers were settled in the emergency relief camps. Govt of Pakistan (FDMA) requested to the humanitarian community to come forward to address the needs of IDPs particularly those related to shelters.


On request of Shelter cluster and FDMA, JEN initially agreed to provide 100 shelter repair kits and later extended to 145. The people, whose houses were partially or fully damaged, were not able to purchase and construct their houses provided Shelter Repair Kit. The project was sighing of relief to the people whose economic situation was not able to address their basic shelter needs.


The MoU signed with the beneficiaries it was stated that JEN will transport the material to commonly accessible points. And further JEN provided tractor cart to carry the shelter material to their door step. However it ensured that the material was provided to the nearest point of construction so that it did not cost them any money. JEN and the beneficiaries mutually agreed that both said cooperation will be endorsed to complete the project successfully and in timely manner.


Regular monitoring was carried out by project team in the field. The whole process was closely monitored by the Project Manager along with project team to ensure use of all provided shelter repair kits.

April 25, 2013 in Pakistan |