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"Come, join our fishery event: harvest, taste wakame, shrimp!" takes place

The second "Come and join our fishery event" was organized by a fishery community in Higashihama and held with help from JEN at Higashihama on the Oshika Peninsula for two days starting from April 13.
This event, born out of an idea of fishermen in Higashihama, is to help drive their reconstruction effort through a hands-on experience tour that introduces people across the country enjoying Higashihama's rich four seasons throughout the year.
The youngest participant in the current event was a girl aged only four.

【The Kitsunezaki fishery center, it's where participants stay for two days.】

On the first day, participants had an opportunity to experience gillnetting fish at Makinohama. First they went out on a boat led by two local fishermen, then draw up a gill net pre-laid at the bottom of the sea.

【Will mantis shrimp be caught in the net?】

The net was 75 meters long. They managed to haul up the net shouting "Terrific!, It's really heavy!" It was then...

【...Come on! Mantis shrimp! ...that they found a mantis shrimp caught in the net.】

The net caught a mantis shrimp they were looking for and they shouted for joy!

【This many fish catches!】

Although they had only one mantis shrimp due to a lower temperature, they hauled up netted fishes one after another including flatfish, crabs, dark sleepers and so on, enjoying their first experience of gillnetting fish. After getting ashore, they also had a go at cooking fishes they caught for their dinner. They, being taught how to cook by the local fishermen and their wives, struggled with making dishes of flatfish sashimi (thinly-sliced fresh raw fillet of fish), dark sleeper namerou (raw fish thinly sliced and mixed well with miso and chopped finely with a knife) and so on.

The wives of the fishermen brought their favorite local dishes for the participants. Don't you think it makes everything taste better to eat fish of your own netting and cooking? The fish that you netted and cooked for yourself is especially delicious.

【Bottoms up! They had an exciting party.】

On the second day, they experienced harvesting wakame seaweed at Sudachihama.
"Zowie!, Great!" They were thrilled by their first sight of wakame farming rafts.

【Original wakame, a sight to see!】

The truth is, the spring-shaped thing you can see at the top of the wakame, being chopped into pieces, makes mekabu, popular food available in packs at stores. While surprised by that never-seen-before shape, they had an enjoyable experience in harvesting wakame.

【They are caught up in harvesting wakame.】

For lunch, they had shabu-shabu-style cooked wakame fresh from the sea under the blue sky (shub-shub: thinly sliced meat boiled quickly and dipped in sauce).

【When you put brown mekabu into hot water…】

【It turns fresh green.】

They also enjoyed other delicious dishes that all featured fresh wakame, including boiled rice with mekabu mashed until it became sticky on it, miso soup with mekabu in it and so on.
After two days of enjoyable experience, JEN could hear each participant giving their positively-phrased impressions on this event as "'I want to come back.', 'I'll tell people what I've learned in Higashihama or Ishinomaki when I get home.', 'I'll remember fishermen whenever I eat wakame or oysters.'"

At seeing the people of Higashihama exchanging with the participants under the good weather, JEN now has renewed its determination to continue to support them in enriching their new event.

Don't miss the next event!

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