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Two years later, Ishinomaki's ongoing recovery efforts: Part 4; Kama district

On March 11, memorial ceremonies for all the disaster dead sponsored by local governments or temples were held across disaster afflicted areas. For example, "Prayer Balloon", a memorial service, was held at Fuseiji temple in Kama district, located at the west end of Ishinomaki and in the north part of Ishinomaki Kougyou port.

【After a moment of silent prayer at 2:46 p.m. balloons with prayers inside are released.】

【Balloons glide into the blue sky】

Those gathered said their prayers watching balloons rising up into the sky. Many of them seemed to have been reunited with each other after a long interval. Kama district has two sub districts; they are Shimo-Kama and Kami-Kama. Nkayashiki town in Kami-Kama is where JEN has worked on serving hot meals for evacuating people as an emergency response, setting up and running a community cafe and so on in cooperation with many local people and volunteers.
It was Kami-Kama Recovery Council where neighborhood associations, local government authorities and consultants work out a recovery plan together that was established last fall and talks to create a livable and renewed town has been initiated.
Issues such as how to readjust land have been under discussion. JEN has been supporting the district's efforts in various ways such as hosting workshops (Click here for more information
with neighborhood associations to facilitate consensus-building within the district

And JEN is committed to continuing to encourage local people to take the initiative in developing their own area just as last fall's creation of a flowerbed (Click here for more information).

【JEN is now accepting donations for the reconstruction of Tohoku. Your help would be very much appreciated. DONATE HERE

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