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Two years later, Ishinomaki's ongoing recovery efforts: Part 3; Kadowakicho, Minamihamacho

JEN is now making a series of quick reports for March about what's going on in ishinomaki two years after the disaster. Hiyoriyama hill, located at the northwest end of the mouth of the Old-Kitakami River, is one of the places in Ishinomaki that became famous after the disaster. If you overlook the coastal areas from the hill, you can see the whole towns of Kadowakicho and Minamihamacho which have completely disappeared with the Kitakami River and Hiyori Bridge on the right-hand side.

【Hiyoriyama Hill and the town of Kadowakicho and Minamihamacho】

【The command of Kadowakicho and Minamihamacho from Hiyoriyama Hill Observatory as of March 2012】

There has been debate in disaster-stricken areas on whether to demolish buildings that tell of the disaster or preserve them as disaster memorial sites. In Ishinomaki, the buildings of Ookawa primary school and Kadonowaki primary school are under debate.

【Kadonowaki primary school building is under debate over demolishing or preserving as a disaster memorial site.】

Ishinomaki city and Miyagi prefecture are now planning to convert Minamihamacho district where Kadowaki primary school had been located into a national park, "Prayer Park". With "Park Building Workshop (a citizen-participation-type workshop)" hosted by the city authorities of Ishinomaki, the citizen-led construction of the park is now underway. It is scheduled for completion in March 2021.

【The diorama of pre-disaster Minamihamacho, being exhibited at the fifth floor of the city hall.】

As part of the construction, JEN worked on creating a flowerbed together with children in the district last fall (click here for more information). After the work the children said to JEN staff members "We want to do this again next year!", expressing their determination to get involved in the work. JEN will continue to assist the work which can bring hope to the community there. As an embodiment of each and every person's desire for recovery, the park will become a place where many people get together and children play around.

【JEN is now accepting donations for the reconstruction of Tohoku.
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