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Two years later, Ishinomaki's ongoing recovery efforts: Part2 Watanoha district

Tearing down disaster-stricken public buildings is now underway throughout the city. As may be because the demolition of individuals' houses and private buildings has made a certain level of progress, demolishing public buildings has finally started around the city.

【Ishinomaki City Girl's Commercial senior High School】


It is Watanoha district, located at the east of the city of Ishinomaki and worst affected by the tsunami, where JEN set up a base in April, 2011 for volunteers who were involved in helping victims. Ishinomaki City Girl's Commercial senior High School in Watanoha was the center of JEN's activities. While the tsunami has turned it into ruin, JEN made use of it for one of its bases for volunteering activities, setting up shed for tools to remove sludge (wheelbarrows, shovels, bags to store sludge). After serving as a hub for volunteers, it has completed its role with change in demand for volunteer activities.

Click here for more information about JEN's assistance activities of those days.
Many volunteer activities in Watanoha district are included.

There still remain a base of JEN's volunteer activities in Watanoha district and many volunteers use it.
Finally, demolishing Ishinomaki City Girl's Commercial senior High School has started. Its current students held "farewell to their school building" last fall. They now commute to temporary classrooms located within Ishinomaki City Girl's senior High School. However scars left by the disaster still remain at various places throughout the city. We cannot help feeling that we still have a long way to go but JEN is committed to continuing its assistance activities with compassion for victims there until the day of full recovery so that victims may recover pre-disaster lives and further achieve a lively community.

【JEN is now accepting donations for the reconstruction of Tohoku.
Your help would be very much appreciated.

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