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Shrine's priest, parishioners appreciate JEN's efforts.


The following photo shows volunteers doing a tough job at the Watanoha-Myoujinsha shrine in May, 2011.

 They raise fallen gravestones and then clean them.

Many volunteers from home and overseas did volunteer work at that shrine.



On March 20, twenty-two months after that volunteer work, the Watanoha-Myoujinsha shrine held a ceremony to unveil a renewed shrine building.

 You can see the cemetery in the back of the photo below, where volunteers worked.

JEN staff members were invited to the ceremony.

 Giving Shinto prayers, the chief priest of the shrine introduced JEN's volunteering activities to those gathered.


The priest introduces JEN's staff members to participants.

The chief priest said to the participants "Just as I'd like to thank JEN for helping us clear the precincts of our shrine of rubbles or raise fallen gravestones, so I think this is something that our parishioners should know."

 As many as forty parishioners joined the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, a young man came to one of the JEN's staff members and said to him "My father lies at rest in that cemetery. I'm most grateful to you for your help." It is a just appreciation that was expressed for both volunteers who have taken part in JEN's volunteer events and supporters who helped JEN's activities so far.

 Some of the shrine buildings still remain damaged.


JEN, putting itself in the position of disaster victims, is committed to continuing assistance activities. Your cooperation is essential.



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