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School garden

The Ministry of Education in Iraq interested in school garden, there is a section in the Department of Environmental Education and School Health in the Ministry of Education called “school garden section”. There are interesting and continuous follow-up by the officials in this section with the school garden, annually competition held between schools to win the most beautiful school garden in Iraq.

During the training for teachers and students which held by JEN within its projects and by interest for the environment … We emphasis is on the importance of planting the school garden and the house interest and maintain with it. The ministry and JEN efforts have resulted by making a lot of teachers and students to planting their school gardens. They are so green.

[A primary school for girls]


[B intermediate school]

[C primary school for girls]

The schools within JEN project, which focused on the school garden is D intermediate school for girls. Their garden will also glow with students!

[Garden of D intermediate school who will glow greenly!]

March 28, 2013 in Iraq |