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Safe Water for Sustainable living in Lainya

2 years ago, JEN assisted hand pump mechanics in Lainya County to establish Lanya Pump Mechanic Association. In this on-going project, we are following up the association to enable them to work sustainably.  Recently, when we visited a community in Lainya, we received the good comment from the villager.

Mrs. Hellen Manish, a member of Water User committees in Lainya payam is very grateful to JEN; she really appreciates JEN South Sudan for facilitating the formation of Lainya hand pump association in the County


She said “Before the association of pump mechanics was started, there were many boreholes that were broken down. The situation has changed as there are pump mechanics in each payam who are providing services.  One of the pump mechanics in her area is  Mr. Juma Martin.  As soon as a borehole develops a problem it is reported to the association members who are also in charge of repairs.  Recently, a borehole in the village broke down as seen in the pictures and no sooner had Mr. Juma been informed, he only took 3 days to arrive at the vicinity and conduct repairs


She acknowledged that the burden for travelling for long distance for 2km to look for safe water has reduced now she can use part of her time for doing other productive activities like cooking food for the children.

Mrs Hellen also mentioned that , the case of diarrheoal diseases in the communities here lainya Payam seems to have reduced greatly as people drink safe water .

(This project is supported by Japan Platform and JEN supporters ).

March 21, 2013 in South Sudan |