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March 8 JEN's Report highlights efforts to support recovery in Tohoku

On Friday March 8, two years after the Tohoku Earthquake, JEN hosted a report meeting on its assistance activities in Tohoku. The meeting attracted seventeen participants, including those who had joined volunteer activities in Tohoku or came to JEN for the first time, JEN's supporters and others. At first each participant was asked to introduce themselves to the others; they wrote down their name, what their relationship to Tohoku is and what they want to know or think about at the meeting, and then spoke about them.
What they wanted to know at the meeting was what's going on in afflicted areas two years after the Tohoku Earthquake.


Ms. Mayumi Nishimura, program officer, who has worked at JEN's Ishinomaki office for two years, delivered a presentation. She spoke about what kind of challenges Ishinomaki if facing, ongoing projects and goals to be achieved. Ishinomaki now has much work to do because its population is declining; its key industry, fishery, has been deadly devastated by the tsunami; many of its citizens whose homes and lives were destroyed by the tsunami are still forced to live in temporary housing with anxiety,
JEN, aiming to realize a city where people feel comfortable to live and people want to live for years to come, is engaging in a broad range of supportive activities to help local people implement self-sustaining recovery. Specifically, it's working on providing psychological support to victims, assisting resident-led events, fostering interaction within communities, empowerment of women and so on. It also continues to send volunteers to disaster-stricken areas to keep them alive.


During the free conversation time, Ms. Hashimoto answered the questions posed by participants and participants gave their feedback. One participant said "Is there anything I can do? Isn't it too late to go?", then another participant who have joined volunteer activities in Ishinomaki answered that saying "If you are wondering, just give it a go. (You won't know till you've done it. You get nothing if you don't try)." Ms. Nishimura also encouraged the participant saying "Don't think too seriously! Why not come to Ishinomaki and mix with local people!"

JEN would like to thank all our participants for having time together to consider JEN's recovery assistance to Tohoku. Click here for more information about JEN's assistance activities to Tohoku.

【JEN is now accepting donations for the reconstruction of Tohoku. Your help would be very much appreciated. DONATE HERE

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