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Hygiene promotion has started!

As you know, the security situation become unstable in Iraq now and there are many continuous demonstrations and protests in 5 governorates where we carried out the projects for more than two months. Due to that, the roads are frequently blocked, especially in Anbar and Diala governorates, but we managed to conduct hygiene promotion in four schools of Diala and Anbar, paying the attention to the security situation.


In the first day, JEN hygiene expert trained the teachers, and trained teachers had a teaching session to students in the second day. In the session, in order to urge students to maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness of their school as well as to take care of the environment and their health, hygiene kits such as soaps and toothbrush etc., guidance booklets and posters, which were prepared by JEN in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, were distributed to students.


[Students seriously listening to the Hygiene session]

Attended training officials from the MOE and DOE of Diala, they expressed their admiration and satisfaction for our works which especially contribute to the improvement of the educational environment, to raising awareness of health and environment.


JEN hygiene expert conducting the teacher training in the presence of officials from the MOE and DOE

This project is being executed thanks to the support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, all our members and contributors.


Program officer Basim Yousif

March 14, 2013 in Iraq |